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Information Technology

Information Technology: FAQ

Information Technology

To us technology is a business enabler that can give your organization competitive advantage and keep you ahead of the competition. We will always advise you that any strategy should be done with a constant ear to the ground of what your market wants.
We offer outsourced services that can help your organisation integrate it’s business strategy or marketing strategy with it’s Information Technology strategy. Our IT professionals are specialists in creating process efficiencies utilizing technology tools that will enhance your business and create efficiencies that save you time and costs and result in increased productivity and in turn revenue.
Coupled with a constant striving for best business practices, innovative solutions and robust scalable applications we have experience in giving our customers cutting-edge technology and the market advantage that comes with it. Our aim is to be your trusted partner in the execution of your strategies. Out tailor made solutions are designed to go beyond your expectations and draw from our experience gained in some of the largest institutions.

We offering the following services :-

SMS Technology
Mobile Phone Applications
Process Analysis
Business Analysis
Project Management
Database Design and Development
Outsourced Services
Enterprise Architecture Development
Application Software Development
Marketing software
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence
IT Support
Scrum Implementations
Website Development
Strategy Formulation

We also offer the services of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to assist in the delivery of a project or they can be brought in to resolve specific IT issues that an organisation might experience.

We specialise in implementations and support for software from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and many others

We also partner with various companies to deliver their software solutions to various clients.


We are the Africa partner for EMPIC Gmbh ( and offer the following :-

• EMPIC Systems Implementation, Support & Data Migration
• Facilitation of inter-CAA Liaison & Collaboration
• Manage interaction between CAAs & EMPIC
• Local Support & Training
• Project Management
• IT Support

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